Origin of a Sketchbook

Textile and Craft
I found this old sketchbook which I hadn’t really used, and decided to give it new life!  It will be passed around from one creative person to the next until it is eventually filled with lots of different art by lots of different people.  I don’t know how long this will take, it could be months, or even years, but I hope that some day it will find it’s way back to me.
Let’s see what happens!

Patch Club

Textile and Craft

I was part of the York Patch club where myself and the other members created a beautiful patchwork quilt to raffle off for charity! It is for local charity SASH which helps to stop young people becoming permanently homeless and is a really good cause. I think tickets are still available, and can be purchased for £1 each from the Cath Kidston Store, on Stonegate in York.

The Team

The Process

The Prize!

Other things I like to do

Textile and Craft

Besides drawing and painting, I also love to make/ restore/ customise things. Here are a few things I have made recently.

These scented mice were made using the pattern and instructions from a brilliant book called ‘Everything Alice: The Wonderland Book of Makes.’ They are very cute and make great gifts.

This is a sugar bowl I handpainted at Rainbow Ceramics Studio in York. There are loads of different things to choose from. You just paint your item, come back a week later and you have a beautiful and unique ceramic piece!

This Raven is a collaborative work with Jam Grantham. It is a felt toy I made of the character from his piece ‘Poe Vs. The Raven.’